grain elevators

RS Industrial understands what it takes to work out in the environment on grain elevator transfer and storage sites. RS Industrial utilizes the safest and highest standards for Good Manufacturing and Construction Practices. Our employees are trained in the different code installation classifications and have field experience working at grain elevator sites throughout the country. Whether it is a general power type project or a Hazardous Monitoring Project (HazMon), working on land or over water, we use our years of experience and knowledge to build projects per code and safe standards. 

Understanding the need for immediate response, RS Industrial has a 24/7/365 on-call service. We understand the critical needs and support required to keep plants up and running. In support of this service, RS Industrial is capable of manning and tooling an emergency situation within minutes of a misfortunate occurrence like flood recovery, fire recovery, lightning strike, etc. Serving Kansas City metro, St. Joseph and Sedalia, Missouri and Topeka, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

Grain Elevators

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