Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

Along with being experts in service, installation, maintenance and repair of your electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs, RS Industrial also offers integrated facilities management services. This optional full-service management approach allows RS Industrial to ensure the functioning and maintenance of your facility to its optimal capacity. This includes asset inspections (regularly scheduled and preventative) and routine service and maintenance of your facility assets. Our integrated approach increases operational efficiencies, which in turn allows for cost savings for our customers.

Our services include:

  • Full building and facility management services
  • HVAC Maintenance and Service
  • Electrical Maintenance and Service
  • Lighting Maintenance and Repairs
  • Plumbing Maintenance and Service
  • Exterior and Interior Repairs
  • Carpentry, Painting, and Cosmetic Repairs
  • Asset Inspections

Benefits include:

  • Consistent workforce familiar with location needs
  • Shared technicians decrease mobilization costs
  • Quick completion of work requests and rapid response
  • Technicians with multi-craft expertise
  • Strong client and supplier relationships
  • Local Operation Managers and Supervisors providing quality assurance
  • Rapid and emergency response

Maintenance Support

  • Multi-Craft Disciplines
  • Routine and Emergency
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Planned Shutdowns
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Mechanics and Mechanical
  • Engineering Support
  • BIM/CAD and 3D Modeling
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