Safety Program

Our company Safety Program and resources ensure the implementation of safety, health and environmental controls.

Experience Modification Rate

EMR 2022 = 0.66

Management Statement on Safety, Health and Environment

We are committed to taking environmental issues into account when planning and performing our work activities on our clients’ properties and work sites, and encouraging environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and the public. We are committed to compliance with the environmental laws that govern our activities, along with any obligations, which may be implemented in the future. We will work hard to prevent pollution and reduce, in as much as possible, the environmental impact of our business.

“RS Industrial Services administers comprehensive and continuous Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Programs for all employees. The health and safety of the individual employee takes precedence over all other concerns. Management’s goal is to reduce personal injury and occupational illnesses, and to comply with all safety, health, and environmental standards. This will be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of managers, supervisors and employees who seek to obtain the safest work place possible.”

Safety, Health and Environmental Program Summary

Work Site Safety Inspections, including hazard identification and abatement, safety training for employees and front-line supervisors, as well as behavior-based safety observations.

Safety Training

  • New-employee safety orientation
  • Weekly foreman-led safety training
  • Site-specific safety training for various work sites
  • First Aid/CPR/AED training
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Training

Site Safety Consultations

  • Focused safety consultations with field employees to ensure maximum safety for high-hazard operations such as:
      • Confined Space Entry
      • Energized electrical work
      • Working at heights
      • Respiratory hazards
      • Trenching & excavations

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